Common Questions

Do I have to prepare for the mikvah before I come?

No. Our facilities allow for women to prepare for the mikvah on-site.

Can I come to the mikvah on Friday night, Yom Tov, or Motzei Shabbat?

Yes. As long as you let us know beforehand by scheduling an appointment, this can be arranged.

Where can I learn more about preparation for the mikvah?

Some great resources can be found online:

If you have any other questions, please call (617)642-3505

Where can I find a list of local Kallah teachers?

Rebbetzin Ariel Pardo is well-versed in the halachot of both Ashkenazim and Sepharadim. She can also refer you to other local Kallah teachers. Please email her at or call her at (617)642-3505